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President / CEO
Kell’s La Vanille.


About Kell’s La Vanille®

Vanilla, one of the edible spices of the orchid is renowned as the most popular flavor in the world. Our vanilla was brought from Mexico to Europe by Herman Cortez in 1520.

Each flower, which blooms only one day a year, is hand pollinated to create this essence in order to produce a pod. There is a required three to six month curing process which provides the exquisite flavor you are about to experience.

Kell’s La Vanille®, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mexican Vanilla extract resources are plentiful in spite of the news report in The Los Angeles Times article dated January 22nd 2000, which mentioned Mexican Vanilla trade possibly facing extinction. Thanks to our developed technology, we provide guaranteed stability, preventing possible change to the product due to crop or climate variations.

Some of the proceeds from Kell’s La Vanille® will go to help raise money for a number of vanilla crop worker’s families that were hurt from the tropical storm that damaged part of the vanilla crop.

Once the United States customers try these extracts, they will keep coming back for more because of its purity, flavor and aroma.

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