Why Buy Kell’s La Vanille® Two-Fold 100% Pure and Kosher Vanilla Extract? Bottled in the USA.

    Enticing Aroma - The flavor of Mexican vanilla is exceptional due to rich soil and favorable microclimates.

    Double Strength - Twice as many vanilla beans required.

    Bolder - More bursts of flavor. Vanilla is the secret ingredient of chefs and bakers throughout the world.

    Pure - COUMARIN FREE - No sugars added. Vanilla is the perfect companion for low fat desserts. The quality of extracts is more important in low fat recipes because flavor is more apparent.

    High Quality - Strict chemical analysis certifying purity. No coumarin or toxic agents detected.

    Organically Grown - Orchid plantations apply quality control. Vanilla beans are processed with top technology. A slow, gentle process of extraction produces vanilla with greater depth and intensity of flavor.

    Kosher Certification - Helps reach more consumers. Some religions require the use of kosher products.

    Produced in Mexico - Growing Hispanic market in the United States.

    Gourmet Quality - French name appeals to epicurean market.

    Elegant Label - Presentation of product attracts consumers.


Like a good wine, pure vanilla extract is ageless: neither flavor nor aroma is diminished over time. We've done the research, Kell's La Vanille® is ready, and we offer it to you for your consideration.


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